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JOHN SWANSON {Writer, Producer & Director}

A graduate of Illinois Valley Community College, Oglesby, Illinois where he majored in Agronomy, John has been interested in the Amish way of life and Amish religion since he began writing and making films when he got his first 8mm camera at the age of 13 years old.

During College John honed his skills as a writer by writing award winning film critiques for his college newspaper "The Apache". His interest in the Amish way of life and Amish religion caused him to research the Amish faith and to produce a series of programs based on those observations.

John has written and produced many award winning films including 1981's "Signs of Our Times", a hard hitting documentary which relates Bible prophecy to our current world conditions. His "Welcome to Amish America"
video series which details the Amish way of life, was marketed to PBS stations and is a collaboration between a noted author and himself, in which he acted as producer and editor. The 3 Tapes of this series "Welcome to Amish America", "Amish Buggies Across America" and "Amish and Mennonite Quilt's Across America" can be found in Amish tourist attraction areas throughout the United States.

A multi talented individual John has worked behind the scenes and appeared in many stage shows including Dinner Theatres and Playhouses as well as acting in several motion pictures and singing in professional choirs.

John is also an accomplished videographer and runs his own company J.E.S. Video Productions. He credits much of his success to the knowledge and experience he gained during the 20 years he was a member of the Quad Cities based Tri City Cinema Club, his training with Dale Knudsen and the 8 years he helped to judge the PSA American International Film Festival.

In addition to John's films on the Amish way of life and Amish religion John recently completed his first independent feature film which he is now marketing through his company JES Film Productions.

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